About us


InSight is in the business of assisting dealerships in improving parts and service operations to maximize the fixed operations contribution to overall dealership success.

The "InSight Difference" will ensure the highest level of "immediate availability" of parts, minimize the buildup of obsolescence, minimize frozen capital and ensure the accuracy of the parts inventory investment.

The service implementation of the "InSight Difference" provides management operational processes and techniques to enhance profitability, efficiency and owner retention.

InSight specializes in ensuring a coordinated cooperative approach between these two departments. This customized approach is the real "InSight Difference" and the key to higher profits in parts, greater productivity in service and long term customer satisfaction and owner retention.

Scott Jones - Managing Member/SmartCo Companies

Scott’s primary role consists of the marketing and growth of SmartCo Services products and services which include PartsEye parts planning service, SCT-Insight in-dealer consulting and training, performance reports and more. Scott also oversees our operations department which provides full-time support to our various clients.

With more than three decades of experience, Scott graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in computer science. Scott began his career with IBM where his roles included technical support and marketing representative. He later joined Nissan Motor Corporation as a factory representative. After nine years with Nissan, Scott entered the field of fixed operations training and consulting with Mike Nicholes (MNI). Scott left MNI several years later to start his own company, DSI. After many successful years of providing fixed operations consulting and training services, DSI merged with SmartCo Services and Scott became the President of the combined companies. Scott currently serves as a Member of the Board of Managers for our parent company SmartCo Services LLC.

Scott’s areas of expertise include automotive parts and service operations, training, marketing and sales. His in-dealership experience has allowed him to target problem areas and implement effective solutions. He is recognized by the industry for his expertise in parts and service training, in-dealership consulting and profit improvement by providing customized solutions combined with real-world practices. Additionally, he has designed and facilitated seminars and workshops for dealer groups, manufacturer groups and retail personnel. As a result of Scott’s in-dealership training and workshop facilitation, he has trained thousands of retail automotive personnel.

Bryan Klugh – Managing Member/SME SmartCo Companies

Bryan has held various positions for over 50 years in many aspects of the service management and parts distribution chain in the automotive field. He envisioned the concept that led to the development of the PartsEyeTM parts inventory planning service. He saw an opportunity to combine the power of technology with the reach of the Internet and the experience of real world parts managers to form a collaborative global delivery model to vastly improve the OEM to dealer to retail customer delivery of service parts.

Bryan previously served as Vice President of Fixed Operations for Subaru of New England, where he supervised operations and marketing for parts, service, and technician training for all Subaru dealers in the New England region. Prior to that, he served as Parts Manager in the Boch Enterprises organization for several dealerships, each of which was ranked among the top performing dealerships in the country for their franchise. He has also been President of Tobin Auto Electric, founder and general manager of AmeriLube Oil Change Centers, as well as Fixed Operations, Service, and Parts Manager at various other automotive dealerships. Bryan has been featured in leading media and publications such as Automotive News, AutoTech Outlook, InformationWeek, Ascet, New England Automotive Report, and Damage Report.

Having held senior level and executive management positions in automotive OEM, aftermarket distribution, automotive retail and automotive aftermarket companies, Bryan is a Fixed Operations Subject Matter Expert with broad experience in all aspects of spare parts forecasting, planning, management, marketing, and service management in fields such as automotive, small engine, truck and marine. He has direct experience with wholesale and retail parts marketing, management, consulting, and training.

Bryan is a passionate industry spokesperson and has presented at various conferences. His leadership has been highlighted in several case studies on Subaru of New England. He is a graduate, with honors, in Automotive Replacement Management from Northwood University, Midland, MI.